Billionaire Chess — If You Play Chess, You Will Become Billionaire

What is Billionaire Chess?

With the popularity of virtual games, Billionaire Chess is the one virtual game that took online gaming to a next level. It is a virtual game with a multiplayer option. Before we proceed further to explain what is so different about Billionaire Chess.

Pros of Playing Billionaire Chess

One of the advantages of playing Billionaire Chess is that it teaches financial and business tactics to help you grasp the basic strategies to grow your finances. A real estate boarding game that allows you to have a multi-dimensional approach to finance and investing. It allows the participants to play chess while earning assets from their competitors.

Gaming Rules

As mentioned above, Billionaire chess is inspired by Monopoly having the same game setting. Each player will have the opportunity to own lands and can even rent the land they own to other players. They can also start building their homes and hotels on the lands they purchased and can charge a tax or fee for visiting their land.

Lumi World Billionaire Chess: Earn While you Learn

Lumi World also brings the joy and entertainment that Billionaire Chess has for millions of people around the world. With our innovative move to combine real economics and finances with the game, players will be able to learn how to strategically build their wealthy empires and at the same time, make real earnings.



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