Buffer Zone: Iconic Work of the Lumi World

Buffer Zone: Icons and Industries

  • Power Generation Plants: From wind to solar energy, these expansive power units harness nature to provide the electrical demands of the Dream City. Lumiers have long abandoned fossil fuels and other sources of energy that harm the environment and now only use renewable energy.
  • Waste Treatment: Waste is a by-product of any settlement, small or large. Since Dream City is a never-ending urban city, it requires dedicated waste treatment plants, both solid and water. This is to ensure that Lumi World remains a clean planet.
  • Animal Farming: Lumirium infused plants today have very long lives and give extremely high yields, bringing an end to global famine and hunger. However, rearing animals as a hobby still exists and animal farming is limited to the Buffer Zone. People can go to these farms to buy pets or visit the zoos to enjoy the exotic beasts from far-flung lands.
  • Icons of the World: Iconic constructions and other marvels of nature have always interested Lumiers, even before the world was a paradise in the past. People from both the farms and Dream City can visit these icons. Sightseeing can not only be done alone, but Lumiers can bring in their friends and partners along.

VR: From 3D to Immersive Buffer Zone




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