City Center: The Vibrant Heart of Lumi World

3 min readFeb 12, 2022


In any city, the downtown, also called the city center, is the heart of the dwelling. This is where all the action of the city takes place, from administrative setups to different forms of entertainment, all is there.

Just like any city, the Dream City in Lumi World has its own City Center that has different activities and other entertainments that people can go to and visit. The hub of all activities, it offers an expansive and never-ending option for people to conduct business, make earnings or just enjoy their virtual life.

City Center: The Spectacular Area

Right in the midst of the Dream City, the City Center, as the name suggests is the center of all major activities happening in the metropolis. You can visit, enjoy or invest in several different options present.

  • Landmark Constructions: Show off your Lumi World wealth. Construct iconic buildings, skyscrapers or other points of interest that tell people who you are. Rent out the buildings or offices and earn. Open a museum or an art gallery to show off your skills.
  • Premium NFT Marketplaces: Create auction houses or marketplaces that only deal in the most sought after NFTs, be these pictures or in-game assets.
  • Advertisements: Put up billboards, banners, balloons and airplane banners. Tell the world about your business or let others rent it out for a passive income stream.
  • Minigames: While there are minigames in the Residential Zone, you want to be in the games in the City Center where the stakes are high and the rewards (such as NFTs) even higher.
  • Explore the Culture: Lumiers from all over the world come to Dream City and its City Center attracts shops and business from every corner of the earth. Meet new people and explore what cultures they bring to the city.
  • Parades and Festivals: Lavish and extreme, each festival brings in joy and entertainment. Parades, parties and birthday celebrations are just part of the City Center.

It’s More About Enjoying and Socializing

As a metaverse of its own, Lumi World intends to not be just another GameFi platform that offers playable material, but a complete and holistic ecosystem that connects with its users at a much deeper level. The City Center is just one of the tools, allowing for users to enter a virtual world that is just like the real one, offering them a chance to live out their fantasies.

Coupled with the fact that Lumi World will be integrating different VR and AR technologies, users will be able to dive into the City Center and explore all the offerings as if they were right there.

You can buy land and other equipment to promote yourself or just let other people rent it out from you, giving you a source of income never thought possible. As NFTs, these lands, buildings and items will be your true ownership. You will be able to even sell these for profits.

So what are you waiting for? Come to the City Center today and explore the vibrant heart of Lumi World!

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