Explore the “Wonderland” in Lumi Farming

3 min readFeb 12, 2022


After the world was saved from the brink of annihilation and utter destruction, residents of Lumi World drastically changed their lifestyles. Peace reigned and wars were over. Thanks to Lumirium, the first-ever non-corporeal element discovered, massive research went into it when scientists realized that it can be integrated into plants to revive the near-dead vegetation.

Overnight, people were able to grow foods and crops in any corner of the earth, from the most fertile grounds that had survived the horrific wars to the most barren of lands. This caused a major shift of Lumi World towards an agricultural society.

The Lands of Lumi World Farming

With farming reigning supreme and the discovery that any type of land could now be used, it is being done in every corner of the earth. Each player in the start is given a piece of land to start their farming journey. Within Lumi World, there are five types of lands that can be found. Each type further has four kinds, each with its own special properties:

  • Very Good: The most fertile of all lands, it consists of Magic, Paradise, Holy and Ancient Lands. Crops and plants are the easiest to grow on these lands, offering higher yields, faster maturation, and shorter duration of growth.
  • Good: Nature has been kind to this type of land, with natural fertilization a part. Alluvial Ancient Land, Basalt Red, Fertile and Loamy Lands are of good type and though producing crops and plants at a lower rate than the Very Good Lands, these still are good to grow crops on.
  • Average: The difficulty to grow crops on Average Lands is not that much, but agriculture on these does require special attention to make it profitable in the end. Yellow, Grassland, Sand and Rocky Lands are average ones and you would be wise to till the land well for your plants to grow.
  • Bad: From Desert to Stony and even Contaminated or Cracked Dry Land, these are badlands that make it hard for plants to grow as many seeds can die even before sprouting.
  • Extremely Bad: The most unfertile lands found on Lumi World, these consist of Lava, Hell, Battlefield and even Moon Land. Extremely difficult to grow crops and plants, not much can thrive here, but there are hardy plants that still can.

While fertile land does seem a prosperous endeavor, Lumiers have found that putting in an effort like fertilizing and irrigating can improve the lower fertile lands over time. Furthermore, with different quality of seeds, they have also discovered that pairing the right type of land and seeds can do wonders, with extremely harsh lands and bad seeds having higher mutation probability and chances to grow exceptionally rare plants that are higher in value and demand, offsetting the lower yields.

How to Make the Best of Lands

As explained above, getting the right type of seeds or improving the quality of lands can lead to agricultural produce that are more rewarding, there are other ways in which you can make more profits.

Investing in long day seeds can give you ever-green plants that can keep on giving fruits. Unlike short day seeds, this can give you a constant stream of produce to sell and make money. On the other hand, short day seeds are easier to grow and have a shorter harvest time.

You can also expand your farming abilities by buying more land. The more land you have, the more you can grow and the more you can later on sell. With more land, you then can even have more opportunities by joining a team of farmers, where you all concentrate on growing specific crops or plants to increase the overall yield.

In the end, it is all about you finding the perfect balanced strategy that will give the best earning opportunities.

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