Lumiverse Definitely will Become a Holistic Ecosystem for Everyone

3 min readFeb 12, 2022


Lumi World is not just another GameFi or P2E game, but we have designed it to become a holistic ecosystem that jumps into the metaverse and creates a completely different experience. To be a part of the Lumiverse, you will need to be a citizen of Lumi World.

This is achieved through you being issued a Lumi Card. This will be issued to users when their avatars step into the Dream City for the first time. The Lumi Card will act as a permission, allowing players to take part in the different games and tournaments and even invest and start their own business.

Beyond Lumi Card

While Lumi Card is your citizenship for Dream City, there is more to the Lumiverse than that.

A metaverse like no other, Lumi World will be integrating different VR and AR technologies into its system. Imagine yourself, donning VR goggles and wearing haptic gloves. You would be right into the Lumiverse, able to move around in the virtual world. Using the haptic gloves, you could hold things in your hand as if they were right in front of you! You will be able to do more than just that. Play games and tournaments, use a driving simulator to race your favorite sports car, play volleyball and much more.

Then there is the social aspect of Lumiverse. Conduct businesses, meet new people, increase your network etc. Have a marketing business? Why not rent out a few billboards and tell the world about what you can bring to them? How about buying an office in the City Center and letting others come to take an appointment. They and you could use VR goggles to be as if you both parties are in the same room.

But Lumiverse isn’t all about work. How about you relax in a bar or go to a disco and dance away the night with your buddies and friends. Perhaps you will meet someone special and get married. Visit the zoo and watch exotic animals in their natural habitat — the possibilities are truly endless.

Not Just Enjoying, But Owning

Deep diving into the Lumiverse is not about just enjoying the different immersive experiences. As a complete metaverse, it allows players and users to own properties and other items like one would in the real world.

This is achieved by making objects within the Lumiverse NFTs. As unique tokens, you can own anything in the Lumiverse by acquiring these tokens. Become a virtual estate professional by buying lands and constructions, each represented through the NFTs. You can then trade and sell the estates. Or you could rent these out and even make these different points of interest for Lumiers to visit. Own a clothing brand? Why not buy a shop and showcase your brands and clothes. Sell your wearables for Lumiers and make an earning.

$MiCoin: Virtual Currency, Real Earning

$MiCoin is the cryptocurrency of Lumi World. If you are running a business or simply want to sell your digital in-game goods, you can do that by pricing it against $MiCoin.

While $MiCoin is acceptable within Lumi World, you can convert it into $LMD. Since $LMD will be tradable against other cryptocurrencies ($LMD will be eventually listed on different DEXs and CEXs), you could transact the token out from Lumi World and convert it into your favorite crypto or stablecoin. Where the trading platforms give support for fiat on and offboarding, you will be able to cash out and get real-world money.


A complex metaverse with multiple layers of virtual reality, there are potentially unlimited ways in which you can spend your life in the metaverse of Lumiverse, even conduct all your needs such as buying groceries, running a business, getting jobs and meeting new people, all from the comfort of your home.

Indeed, Lumiverse with its holistic ecosystem that is open for anyone, has the potential to become the biggest metaverse out there.

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