Newbies Guide to the In-game Token of Lumi World — $MiCoin

$MiCoin: In-Game Earnings Made Easy

While $LMD is our main coin that you can use to invest in our metaverse and even eventually trade on different exchanges and platforms, it comes with a limited supply for deflationary tokenomics. Using the same coin with Lumi World would create problems as it would be increasingly difficult to price your assets and NFTs and conduct business in Lumi World. For this purpose, we have created another $MiCoin, that operates as the medium of exchange and currency in the metaverse and game, allowing for economics to continue operating without a hitch.

  • Sell Produce: All Lumiers start out as farmers and can sell their agricultural produce for the token.
  • Trading: Sell your assets, including NFT based land and equipment for $MiCoin.
  • Minigames: Play different minigames and earn $MiCoin every time you win.
  • Compete in Tournaments: Different tournaments will always be running in Lumi World. You can participate for not only glory but $MiCoin as well.

But Where Can I Spend $MiCoin?

Lumi World gives its players multiple opportunities to earn $MiCoin within the game, but the coins would be of no use if these cannot be spent. Fortunately, there are many different aspects of the game that require you to spend your earnings.

  • You are represented as an avatar in Lumi World and you can buy different wearables like clothes, shoes and much more.
  • With an abundance of land, whether for farming or in the Dream City.
  • Purchasing tickets to tournaments and minigames.
  • Renting out assistants for your farms.
  • Acquiring houses, real estate, vehicles etc.



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