Outskirt Zone: Unleash Your Inner Energy

3 min readFeb 12, 2022


Thanks to the discovery of the non-physical element of Lumirium, the inhabitants of Lumi World now live in peace and harmony. There are no more wars or struggles of resources as the element has made food abundant. Lumiers, the inhabitants of the world as they call themselves, have learned from their past mistakes and are now dedicated to protecting nature and the environment.

With no reason to fight and peace now a global phenomenon, it does not mean that Lumiers do not have a healthy competitive environment. Today, their battles are not fought on war grounds and with weapons, but on fields and through different games.

The Outskirt Zone: Games and Glory

A well-designed metropolis, Dream City is segregated in different zones according to the activities that are performed. The Outskirt Zone is one, where physical games are held.

A large and open environment, it is the perfect place for sports where large fields are required. So what kind of games and entertainment options will you have in the Outskirt Zone? Let’s have a look at a few of these.

  • Horse Racing: The gentle beasts have been a part of human civilization from time immemorial and they are extremely respected animals in Lumi World. Today, Lumiers can take part in different horse racing or horse-based sports such as Polo.
  • Soccer: Soccer is the most popular game in the world and even a favorite of Lumiers. From fierce club matches to the world cup, you will find there is a fan of the game in every corner of the world.
  • Marathons: The extreme of human endurance lies in his ability to push beyond the physical limits of his body. Running for miles, swimming, relay races and more. You can take part in the different marathon races and be the next champion.
  • Golf: A gentleman’s game that requires patience and extreme skill, there is nothing more exciting than sinking a hole in one. Explore the different courses and avoid the sand traps!
  • Formula and MotoGP: Motorsports are all about pushing man and machine to the extreme. High octane fuel and hair-splitting reactions are exhilarating to watch and compete in.

Getting Right into the Sports

One of the upcoming features of Lumi World is that it will be getting deeper into the metaverse. From a 3D virtual experience, it will soon offer an immersive experience through the use of AR and VR capabilities.

You will then not only be playing games in the Outskirt Zone, but with supported goggles and other equipment, you will be right in the middle of it. Think about it: you can swing your device to put your golf ball right into the green. Complete all the courses with minimum strokes and be the next golf champion.

And it is not just you playing games. With the ability to buy a virtual estate, you can get your hands on a piece of prime land in the Outskirt Zone and build your own sports stadium, golf course and even a speedway. Offer tournaments and earn from the entry fee. Rent out billboards to sponsors and even offer rewards to the winners. The possibilities are endless.

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