Seed — From the Dark Era to the Green Future

Rebirth of Lumi World

Lumi is actually our world, in an alternate timeline. Set in the future, Lumi wasn’t the happy and peaceful world we know today. Humans, with their greed and lust for power and wealth, had stripped the lands bare. Resources were already scarce and we continued to mine these, without caring what we were doing to the earth. Soon, the efforts for gathering resources got so intense, it led to wars between nations.

The Seeds of Life

Plants infused with Lumirium were the miracle that humanity was looking for. The strange properties of the element were then transferred into the seeds. Now, different seed varieties exist that offer farmers the ability to grow rare and exotic plants that offer high yields and new varieties of fruits.

Short Day Seeds

These are seeds that can give plants to be harvested once. Different varieties of shrubs, crops, fruit plants, aquatic ones, mushrooms and desert plants are grown by Short Day seeds. Once mature, farmers can harvest these from their lands and either sell them in the market or store them to accumulate a large quantity which can then be used to mint new NFT based items in the Factory.

Long Day Seeds

Unlike Short Day seeds, Long Day seeds are only of fruit-bearing plants. Once matured and grown, these plants and trees can continue to give fruit or seeds every harvest. There is no need for the farmers to harvest the complete plant and regrow. Infused with Lumirium, these plants can give rise to different seed varieties, thanks to the mutation chances. This gives farmers the opportunity to harvest special varieties of seeds that are rare and scarce. Thanks to the non-physical element, the lives of the trees grown from Long Day seeds are eternal and they never die.



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