The Factory of Lumi World

3 min readFeb 12, 2022


With the world finally free of war, famine and general disorder, Lumiers, the residents of this peaceful world, have become farmers. Thanks to the discovery of the non-physical element Lumirium and its successful infusion in plants has meant that the once barren lands can now grow fruits, shrubs, vegetables and trees that were once lost to us.

But in the back-end, it is just more than that. As a decentralized NFT based GameFi platform, Lumi World offers you more than just repetitive sowing and harvesting your agricultural produce. As a player of Lumi World, you will have the choice to take your harvested crops and plants to the Factory.

The Factory

But what is the Factory? The culmination of the most modern and sleep technological changes brought about by the use of Lumirium, the Factory is a sleek and modern piece of engineering that not only reflects its central and unique nature in Lumi World but also shows how integral it has become in the lives of Lumiers today.

Accessible to every Lumier, the Factory represents the ability for the inhabitants and farmers to bring in their harvested produce and plants to be used as forging materials for new NFT based items. Instead of selling their products in the open market, farmers can use the Factory to mint different NFTs.

Mint, Use or Sell NFTs

Depending on what kinds of harvest you bring in and the quantity, you will be able to mint different NFTs in the Factory. The newly created items will be unique in their nature since they are NFTs and you will have the option to use them in not only your farming lands, but in any land you own, including the ones in Dream City.

NFTs minted in the Factory can be common items or even super rare. It will depend on your products. The more rare products (such as mutated or hybrid plants) you use, the more chances of scarcer NFT you can get. These rare NFTs can in turn help you further in the game with their above-average properties.

But what if you don’t want to use the NFT you just minted or find that it is not the one you wanted? Well, you are in luck since you can sell that NFT in the Marketplace. The more rare or sought after the NFT is, the more profit you can make off of it.

The Future of the Factory

While you will find that there are only a few types of NFTs that you can mint in the Factory, this is only the beginning. As more players join Lumi World and expand their farming and Dream City businesses, they will start requiring other items such as precious metals, engineering products (for example, performance tires for your vehicle to take part in races) and much more.

Over time, Lumi World will incorporate these as NFTs too in the Factory, enabling players to get their hands on rare and unique items that they really desire.

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