Welcome to Lumi World — An Infinite Metaverse

Hello, we are Lumi World!

Team Lumi welcomes you all to the first ever blog by Lumi World, an expansive and infinite metaverse that combines gaming, farming and an online world, all rolled into one single package. Based on the GameFi model and Play-to-Earn concept, Lumi World brings in a game that is non-stop competitive entertainment and at the same time, creates ever new opportunities for earning crypto assets that can then be exchanged for real-world money, giving a whole meaning to the term crypto earnings.

As we are busy in building the complete ecosystem and the game, a thought struck us: How is it possible that people (you) can get to know the Lumi World and us? The answer was a dedicated blog where we can share exactly who we are and why we are creating Lumi World. Let’s tackle these questions one by one.

Meet the Team

Lumi World is developed by a veteran team of experts (us) who have years of experience in running different successful businesses, leading operations and technology. Let us introduce ourselves:

  • Minh Vo, CEO and CoFounder

With more than 10 years of running online businesses and handling 30 different websites that see 5 million visits a day, Minh Vo has the keen insight towards understanding the latest trends and demands of netizens.

  • Hung Phan, CTO and CoFounder

Working with big platforms that belong to Facebook and Google, Hung Phan is an experienced full stack developer and works as a technical advisor to multinational tech firms.

  • Nguyen Le, Director of Business Development and CoFounder

A former head of operation and one of the founders of Gapo, the largest Vietnamese social network with more than 2 million users. Le also has managed multiple Facebook pages, handling over 10 million members.

  • Truyen Nguyen, CoFounder

An Oracle expert and web developer like none other, Nguyen has vast experience in Oracle PL/SQL, WordPress, NodeJs, Express Js, EJS and Lua Script.

  • Tri Duong, CoFounder

Developing different online multiplayer games for a decade.

  • Wd Yang, CoFounder & Dev

Specialist in developing smart contracts and crypto exchanges.

  • Thong Nguyen, Co-Founder & Blockchain Dev

A decentralized specialist, his core skills are in DeFi applications, specifically DEXs.

  • Thach Mai Unity, Blockchain Dev

Developer of blockchain algorithms that power different decentralized ecosystems.

  • Kien Nguyen, Game Designer

Designing games for major studios like Hiker Game, Afoli, Egame Corp and VTC Online, Kien has 15 years of experience.

  • Tu Nguyen, Community Development Manager

8 years of gaming community development, specializing in online gaming tournaments and events with mainstream companies such as UCWeb, VTC Intecom, VTC Online and VTVlive.

  • Tien Duong, Developer

Support specialist and expert on developing games using the Unity platform.

  • Head of art department: Nguyen Kei

8 — year experience as a Creative Director, Producer of advertising projects, animation advertising, lead 2D art; Director of animation — short animation music video

  • Leader 3D Artist and Designers: Nguyen Thanh Tu

7 — year working in the Creative and Advertising field. Many years of experience working in 2D animation and 3D General Artists. Also is the director of Shopee’s TVC short.

As you can see, our team is a blend of mainstream and blockchain experts. Together, we have pooled our experiences and skills to bring you Lumi World.

But What is Lumi World?

Remember Farmville on Facebook? How many of you have spent hours playing that game? We are sure you must have earned quite a bit of the game tokens, all but useless unless you wanted to continue playing. Lumi World takes that concept and merges it with DeFi (Decentralized Finance), a cryptocurrency sector where people can invest their tokens to make profits.

Colloquially called GameFi (Gaming Finance), this concept allows people to play a game and make in-game profits. These profits are in the shape of cryptocurrency tokens that they can then stake to make more profits, spend on building your game business and much more. Alternatively, these crypto tokens can be taken out of the game (yes out of the game!) and swapped for other cryptocurrencies and even encashed for real-world money (fiat).

With different farms, seeds, lands and a whole city (Dream City), you can be the part of a larger society or develop your own businesses such as clubs, entertainment centers, or simply enjoy the city life with its vibrant community, events and other festivals.

Socialize, make friends, conduct businesses and trades. Earn in the game and convert these profits to fiat and enjoy life!

Want to know more? You can continue to check up on our blog or read our whitepaper here, or follow us on our social media accounts:
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