Why is Lumi World a Rich Ecosystem for Partner Integration?

What Integrated Partners Can Do?

Lumi World is a complete metaverse where users can not only play the game itself but spend hours upon hours enjoying the different virtual experiences that are on the offering. With different propositions and a completely online world where anything is possible, there are several ways in which partners can connect with Lumi World:

  • Product Offering: If you are a brick and mortar company that sells physical products, you can always open up a virtual store and showcase your products. Lumiers can visit the store and check out what you have. Orders can be placed on Lumi World and you can deliver to their home in real life.
  • Entertainment: Are you a musician and want to let the world know of your singing skills? Why not hold a virtual concert in Lumi World? You can even have virtual screenings of your movies.
  • Real Estate Virtual Tours: If you are a real estate firm, you can construct virtual replicas of your house offering and let people tour it from the comfort of their homes. Showcase virtual, sell in real.

An Immersive Experience

One of the future plans of Lumi World is to integrate VR and AR technologies with its ecosystem. This would give its users an unprecedented edge in the metaverse as they will be able to go completely immersive. Wearing VR goggles and haptic feedback equipment such as gloves, they will be as if living inside Lumi World.



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