Without a Doubt, Virtual Land in Metaverse is the Next Big Hit in the NFT Space

What is Metaverse and the Lands in it?

Metaverse is a concept of a virtual reality in which people can spend time, interact with each other and do practically any activity they can in the real world. Think of the movie Matrix and the virtual world created by the robots, but albeit not so realistic in terms of the feel. Apart from that specific difference, the metaverse is just that.

Virtual land in Metaverse ( elitegent.com)

The Top 5 Metaverse Land Platforms

When talking about virtual lands in the metaverse, it wouldn’t be justice if we don’t discuss the top virtual land projects that are gracing the metaverse of today. Here are the best virtual land projects of today:

The Sandbox

Launched in 2018, the Sandbox is a unique project that offers anyone to build their own games on the network. Each game is hosted on LAND, a piece of the virtual estate that is an NFT in itself. With only a limited 166,464 LAND in the ecosystem, the popularity has driven the prices up significantly, especially when the land is in premium areas. With an average price of roughly $13,100, the most expensive virtual estate on Sandbox has been a purchase of $3.4 million by Republic Realm.

Buy in the Sandbox — Metaverse property


A complete virtual landscape, Decentraland consists of 40,000 parcels (with each parcel being a virtual land). Just like Sandbox, each parcel is an NFT and owners can build anything on these. Initially sold for $20 apiece, the parcels are not highly sought after, with some going as high as $100,000.


Affectionately referred to as the Minecraft of the metaverse, Cryptovoxels is another virtual land based on the Ethereum blockchain. Needing no special programming skills at all, anyone who owns a virtual land on Cryptovoxel can build anything, just like the Minecraft game. People can visit each other’s estate, interact and play games.

Somnium Space

Creating an open, social virtual world, Somnium Space is a completely independent world with its own internal economy, games and ecosystem. Using NFTs and blockchain gives owners of the virtual lands complete control of their in-game assets.


By mapping the real world, SuperWorld brings a complete virtual world that is the exact replica of our real one. There are 64 million unique plots of land that reflect their real-life counterparts, such as the Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, public places like stadiums, jungles etc.

Lumi World Land: A Par Above

Expensive, profitable and interesting as the virtual lands in the current metaverse projects, they all have one single major flaw. All the lands are just virtual lands with no appeal to support their growth.



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